Deepen your knowledge

Deepen your knowledge

Modular trainings and simulations

Customised training courses

We make you fit for successful market access management! Tailored to your individual requirements, we organise customised one-on-one and group training courses.

We assist you with preparations for negotiations, training courses and simulations of communication with the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions and relevant stakeholders relating to innovative drug reimbursement.

Modular training

Our market access course includes 15 freely selectable and combinable modules which can be booked on a one-to-one basis or for company teams. Some course elements are also offered as a workshop with an in-depth programme.

Overview of the Austrian health care system/services

Modul 1

Distribution structures of the pharmaceutical industry

Modul 2

Medicinal product reimbursement in Austria

Modul 3

Pricing of medicinal products

Modul 4

The successful reimbursement

Modul 5

Players in the healthcare sector

Modul 6

Pharmacy market

Modul 7

Market access in the hospital

Modul 8

The successful market access manager in a pharmaceutical company

Modul 9

Communication as a factor for success: customised toolbox for market access managers

Modul 10

Federal Administrative Court and Supreme Administrative Court decisions pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry

Modul 11

Pharmaceutical economics and HTA

Modul 12

Development of a product-specific, integrated market access plan

Modul 13

Development of a company-specific, integrated access plan

Modul 14

100% fit in the health policy and market access environment

Modul 15