Hospital management

Build sustainable partnerships in the hospital sector

Moving towards the best point of service together

Hospital management and market access in the hospital

In the hospital sector, dwindling resources require operational restructuring and new approaches to service planning as well as efficient intramural and extramural interface management. Productive and intelligent solutions as well as flexible models for achieving the best point of service are in demand on all sides – predominantly for innovative proprietary medicinal products, drugs and medical devices.

The views of the pharmaceutical sector, healthcare providers, financiers and patients are permanently at odds with each other. Everyone has different requirements and the outcome ultimately needs to be worthwhile for all. We will gladly advise you on your intended entry to the hospital sector.

We will support you in this setting with our expertise in hospital pharmaceuticals and cost economy. Using environmental analyses and cost-based evaluations, we show you ideal routes and provide background information on tendering and purchasing groups for customised strategy planning within the hospital sector.

Support for collaboration projects with hospital owners as well as the moderation and leading of discussions on health policy topics supplement our hospital management portfolio.